Heavy Truck Services


Shaws' Auto Service, Inc
512 Washington Street
La Porte, IN 46350-3334

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(219) 362-3968 24hr Emergency
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Shaws' Auto Service now can do limited services for Semi/Heavy Trucks.
No extra charges for after-hours, weekends, or Holidays.

Lock Out Service: Locked out of your truck? We can get you in.

Fuel Delivery up to 30 gallons. We deliver fuel in 5 gallon diesel cans. This is so no matter where you are fuel can be delivered.

Jump Start - We do stock two Interstate 31T batteries. We test connections and batteries before connecting our cables. If you think you need batteries let us know at dispatch time so you don't pay for another trip out. If we don't use them there is no charge for bringing them along. Yes, we can pull start. If your on a hill you may need to disconnect your trailer depending on how heavy your load is.

Tire/Wheel changes; you should  have a good spare. Yes we do carry valve stems for steel and aluminum rims. We stock 1 or 2 - 295/75R22.5 Retreads by Good Year and 10.00X20 Tires and Boots already mounted on rims. There will be a core charge if your Dayton Rim is damaged. During business hours we can usually get a new tire locally. Used rims are available seasonably.

Air line repair - We carry about 3 feet of common air line  (3/6" 1/4" 3/8" 1/2")
for splicing along with DOT brass quick-connectors. We also stock 3/8” and 1/2” Goodyear J1402A Air Brake Line with DOT approved swivel ends. These lines can be created on the fly to repair your dolly glad hands etc.

Brake Chamber Air Line - We stock 2 sets of 3/8" air line with DOT reusable swivel fittings. For fast repair of lines from the brake chamber to frame rail.

Brake Chamber: We do have in stock one air can. More are available locally.

Please let us know what you think you may need when you call. Shaws' Auto Service would rather not have to charge you for a return trip out.

Electrical Repair - Broken wires, bad grounds on chassis or cab. We presume you have extra bulbs and fuses onboard. If not, let us know. We carry connectors, and some wire.

 Basic Semi Truck services are: arrival fee and hourly rate for services rendered.
Dispatch times are typically 20 to 45 minutes within our radius. Generally to the Toll Road Service Plaza (56MM) we arrive within 35  minutes, even at 2am, as weather and traffic allows.

Payments accepted are cash, credit card, EFS-check, T-check, Com-Data.Checks must be fully authorized prior from departure of serviced area.

If a parts store is open and  you need a belt or hose we usually can assist you. For parts delivery we will need complete VIN at time of dispatch.

Shaws' Auto Service believes in SAFETY FIRST. No one can afford down time. In our industry it is not  a matter of 'IF'; it is a matter of 'WHEN'. We do our best to minimize the 'WHEN' factor.

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