Roadside Assistance


Shaws’ Auto Service specializes in Roadside Assistance.

We do all we can to get you rolling again. Shaws understands the discomfort of breaking down on a Saturday evening and the wondering if you have to stay in a Hotel until Monday or Tuesday. If we can get access to the parts needed via AC Delco, Autozone, Advanced Auto Parts, or NAPA even a local junk yard. We will do what we can to get you taken care of.

We unlock cars, trucks, SUVs and semi trucks. Change flat tires (airing the spare while we are there), Jump starts, Pull starts,

We accept Cash and major  Credit Cards. Our driver carries a high secure mobile credit card scanner. Your privacy and data security is a priority alon g with your safety.

We primarily service the Northern half of La Porte County, Indiana.
We do not charge extra for after-hours, weekends or Holidays.

By example:
Our trucks carry tire stems. If you have damaged your TPMs alloy sensor stem we can replace it with a standard rubber stem on site. No worries now. your on your way.

Need a starter? Autozone is open. We either bring it to you or bring you to it. Even at 7pm on a Saturday night we will open our shop and put it on for you.

All said this is in consideration of weather and activity.

One Saturday night we even changed a motor for a party of folks going from the Plains to the East Coast. We pulled 2 motors and installed 1. They were back on the road at 4pm Sunday.

Roadside Assistance is available to the following areas, but not limited to them.

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